Intracs INT’L transport ready to provide services to our customers. In Iran, like many countries of the world, the dominant mode of transportation is land, and the share of this mode in the movement of goods within the country is about 85%, which alone indicates the importance of goods through land transport. Considering the vastness of our country, ground transportation, unlike many other areas of relative concentration, makes it difficult to organize and monitor this factor and therefore requires more precision, effort and effort.

The ground transportation services of this company are as follows:
– Commodity and ground transportation services to Iran and vice versa.
– Land transportation of exhibition goods and carpets all over the world
– Land transportation to Central Asian countries
– Operation of loading and unloading of goods in the ports and customs of the country with the specialized staff and modern technical equipment.
– Professional and technical staff in export, import, customs, clearance and land transportation of goods
– All loading and unloading operations to the destination (Ex Works)
– Logistics services
– Traffic Expeditions
– Land transportation of heavy, traffic and heavy cargo and project operations
– Land transportation of petrochemicals, bitumen and all liquids to all parts of the world.
With good experience and active branches at the entrance and exit points of Iran, Asian and European countries and …, we are ready to provide services to our esteemed customers:
– Transportation of goods to European countries, Commonwealth, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon
– Land transportation in different ways (crude cargo)
– Transportation of land for export and import goods for the above purposes
– Internal and external transit of all Iranian customs
– Transportation of land all over Iran

◉ Plan group and project
The industrial company, with extensive facilities in land transportation of goods and providing a reliable and fast service, has been able to provide valuable services for transportation of landed goods exported and imported and group and project. The industrial company has the ability to transport ground in various types of goods, including dry, liquid, etc. in different weight and volume, as a group and project from Iran to other parts of the world and vice versa.
◉ International and domestic land transportation services
International and domestic land transportation services are one of the most prominent and distinctive services that the company offers to its customers. In the land transportation of goods, the company, by providing regular services, detailed planning and service capacity in the multimodal sector, has taken another step towards expanding the range of customer service to prove that it is a company that claims to be in the industry cycle And the transportation of the country is completely different and meets the needs of the customer’s transportation in all modes of transportation.
◉ Customs service, packaging, Chinese warehouse and warehousing
In addition to international forwarding capabilities and international and domestic services, the International Shipping Company is also able to provide customs, packaging, baggage and warehousing services. The company, receiving the shipment from its customers, is responsible for the packing, loading and warehousing of the goods and is able to export the import and land transport of goods by providing the necessary permits and necessary formalities.
Provide free advice by the company about the various shipping methods
– Consult with our experienced technicians for a variety of shipping practices and reduce costs, as little as possible as a designer and transport engineer and forwarder.
Advisor on the allocation of the best type of transportation
– Advising and reviewing shipping practices
– Reduce the cost and satisfaction of the owners of the goods
– Response to inquiries for floating loads, dump, crumbling, heavy and super heavy loads, and studying the optimal pricing of land transport services for goods and road
Your advisor on logistics and project management
– Providing consulting services, implementing, monitoring implementation of projects to improve the performance of intercity transportation companies on request.
– Free advice from other services of the industry company. All users can benefit from their free consultancy services if they wish. For more information, contact this company.
Is to carry goods from a port of the country to another port of the country, as well as from a customs to another customs that is carried out through the adjacent country, and for the cabotage of the customs formalities is required, and two types of customs declarations at the time of departure of the goods from the port or at the border and at the other time Customs entry or other border is set
◉ Operation (TIR)
To carry goods from an outlet customs office to a customs office of destination according to the so-called method.
◉ (CMR)
The international carriage of goods is by road and by land vehicle, and the place of delivery and delivery of goods must be in two different countries and at least one of the parties to the convention.

◉ Cartridge (TIR CARNET)
This term is the transit book of goods from a customs source in one country to the destination customs in another country.