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Official member of FIATA Company and official representative of Karet Logistics in Iran


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Shipping Methods

Depending on customer’s need, safe delivery of goods is chosen from airlines, cargo ship and land lines.
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    Air transport equipment and spare parts

    With increasing demand for equipment, raw materials and spare parts due to the increase in industrial projects, Iran has become a potential market for the import of such equipment. Although there may be a major contribution to shipping, such as sea and land transport, when it comes to the need for timely delivery of parts, air transportation is a good option. The international shipping company with the history of cooperation with the companies active in the field of automotive, power plant and energy supply, construction, damping and other manufacturing companies, services and research in the field of air transportation of various components and equipment

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    Group Shipping Project

    Intracs INT'L transport Co.is ready to provide services to our customers. In Iran, like many countries of the world, the dominant mode of transportation is land, and the share of this mode in the movement of goods within the country is about 85%, which alone indicates the importance of goods through land transport. Considering the vastness of our country, ground transportation, unlike many other areas of relative concentration, makes it difficult to organize and monitor this factor and therefore requires more precision, effort and effort.


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    Shipping of goods by sea directly from around the world

    The company is capable of transporting sea freight directly from most ports of the world to Iranian ports. In the context of the direct shipping of goods by sea, the goods are transported without changing the ship or container to the port of destination. In direct shipping mode, shipping costs are much lower, more economical, and shorter shipping times. The company has a rich and experienced experience in direct shipping of specialized merchandise from all Asian ports, such as all ports of China, Taiwan and ... as well as all European ports offering special services and competitive prices


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    IKCO Cooperation Project

    IKCO, the former Iranian National Iranian Automobile Company, was founded in 1341 by Khayyami brothers with a capital of 100 million rials and was seized by revolutionaries after the 1979 revolution. The company is the most important Iranian automobile company, which assembles a variety of light and heavy vehicles in cooperation with external partners or alone. IKCO produces about 550,000 vehicles a year

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